massage therapy calgary ab

Time, Once More, For A Good Massage

Once, more, once more, why do you say that, dear, kind sir? Well, to be quite honest with you, dear lady, this subject has been publicized so very often, it is almost certain that of the thousands of people from around the world that spend large chunks of their productive time on the internet, there must be at least a few dozen who have been brave enough to take the proverbial plunge and go in for a visit to the massage therapy calgary ab clinic.

massage therapy calgary ab

But in a huff, they quickly forgot the entire experience. It was all but over within half an hour. Perhaps the therapist told them so, but little did they listen, it does not quite work out like that. One quick stint at the massage parlor is not going to fix all your aching and nagging problems. Good, luxuriating massage therapy should be embraced as a lifelong relationship. Instead of saying to their wives ‘honey, I’m off for another round’ (it could be golf, it could be time (and money) misspent down at the local), they should be saying to their long-suffering wives; honey, I’m off to the massage parlor!

And their dearly devoted spouses should never be permitted to bat another makeup encrusted eyelid, still so droopy after another night of tossing and turning and looking the other way. And there, my dear, is another angle that can be taken to so many of the benefits of regular massage therapy. And so here then is a gentle suggestion. Why don’t you suggest to your husband that the two of you go in together for a good massage?

But should he huff and gruff (Still? After all these years? Oh well) well then, you just go right along on your own so long.